Black Film Festivals

What do we know about black movies or about black film festivals? Some of the most memorable black movies of the decade could have been: "Brother to Brother", "The Pursuit of happiness" and "Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes". These were some Black American films that received the ovation of the public

But what do these black films have in common? Why are these relevant in our society? Black films transmit the culture for others to appreciate it. At a certain point, black films show others the point of view of Black people. Besides, they show you talented entertainers and directors that perhaps haven't been able to show their skills before in other films. Black movies can also be historical and show stories of success among african-american people, something that can really make you feel proud. gives visitors a chance to learn about independent filmmakers and to help professionals seeking new talent worldwide. final purpose is to freely offer its audience information about the best black movies.

One popular festival is The American Black Film Festival, it is independent and celebrates the work done by african-american members of this industry. The Black Film Festival takes place once a year. In this event the audience can appreciate many films with black actors, black actresses, writers and directors.

Where did the it started? Many do not know where it all started. It took place for the first time and for the next four years in Acapulco, Mexico (from 1997 to 2001). What happened? They recognized best actor, best actress, best director, film of the year and soundtrack of the year. Who were the first hosts of the event? The actor Robert Townsend and Denzel Washingon had the privileged of being the first men participating in this event.

What happens during this festival? Many events take place in different locations. There is an opening ceremony. Of course, there is the awards presentation. The next three or four days some workshops are held. Finally, to conclude, the main ceremony occurs with one or two hosts.

The last festival was celebrated on July 12, Paula Patton and Vivica A. Fox were two of the many woman who attended. As for men, John Singleton and Keenen Ivory Wayans attended as many others to the award show. Some of the best movies nominated this year were "David is Dying" (directed by Stephen Lloyd Jackson), "Black Gold" (directed by Jeta Amata), "The Last Laugh" (directed by Kenny Young), "Dysfunctional Friends" (directed by Corey Grant) and "The Tested" (directed by Rusell Constanzo). The winner of the evening for best black movies was "The Tested".

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